“Energy and Persistence conquer all things.” Physical health and fitness are required for mental, emotional and intellectual growth of students. They are more alert, more balanced, more creative and more productive. Yoga is given prime importance in the school curriculum. Students are trained by experts and plenty of opportunities are given for Inter and Intra School Competitions.


To inculcate discipline coupled with a mind to serve, the school provides Scouts and Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls, RSP, JRC, Bunnies, Band etc., Periodic assessment of the above activities is done to enhance the child’s participation.

ECAYLP – Extra Curricular Activities – Year Long Programme

Every child is unique and imbibed with an inherent talent and the best way to showcase this talent is, undoubtedly through a platform called ECAYLP. At Velammal schools, ECAYLP henceforth becomes a mandatory part of school curriculum and a continuous process – on year – long basis as the title suggests and aims to enhance the overall development of the student community as a whole. The ECAYLP programme initiated in 2014-15 received wondrous response from parents. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at the ECA YLP Hall created with an aesthetic sense, kindle the inherent talents of students and moulds them into artisans.
“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.” Therefore the school offers Extra Curricular Activities to bring out the talents in the students and create an edge for themselves. The school as 'Perfect Educators', gives conscious progressive training, instills competitive spirit and enhances the knowledge of the inquisitive minds thereby enabling them to face challenges at global level.


The Cambridge Young Learner’s English Course is conducted by trained facilitators. This lays a strong foundation in developing the students’ confidence and communication worldwide.

IIT Foundation & NEET:

V – ACES: (Velammal’s Academy of Competitive Examinations Study), one of our pioneering ventures in the year 2010, has made a remarkable growth till date. V – ACES is a distinct integrated programme that trains students to face competitive exams like NEET, IIT, IMO, SLSTSE, AMTI, South India Olympiad… etc., which in turn creates a conducive arena to combat today’s competitive world.

IIT Advanced & NEET:

VIITA - This integrated program for the Senior Secondary students has always been preparing them in a fundamental way. Teaching is methodological so that students do well in NEET, IIT – JEE, Boards, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads and other entrance exams.
Testing pattern of NEET, IIT - JEE keeps on changing but the key aspect of the test is to judge the analytical ability of the aspirants along with the understanding of fundamentals.
Students having sound understanding of fundamental concepts and practising persistently with all types of problems will always outperform students who are only confining their preparation to the pattern rather than understanding the concepts.


“Wisdom flows through books.” The habit of reading enriches one’s knowledge. Some books entertain, others instruct and yet others elevate our mind. Books bring to you a liberal education, entertainment and counsel of the greatest men in the world.
Computer Science Lab:

A well equipped Computer lab with 50 computers form an integral part of learning. Children visit the computer Science lab for their practical classes on a regular basis, execute projects, prepare quality display materials, etc.
Mathematics Lab:

The theoretical class is ably supported by practical classes at the mathematics lab on a regular basis. The hardship of puzzling calculations is made easier through the resources available in the Mathematics lab.
Science Lab:

The integrated Science lab is yet another knowledge centre for the students. Periodical visits to the laboratory are done to conduct experiments and further research on the science-based topics.


The school accords the following facilities for the convenience of the students inside the campus:
Book Depot:

Text books, note books, monogram, tie, etc. are available in the School Book Depot. The Book Depot is kept open for the students from 8.00a.m. to 8.45 a.m., during the lunch break and in the evening from 3.45 p.m. to 4.45 p.m.


The school canteen supplies nutritious and fresh varieties of snacks, drinks and lunch at affordable rate.

Health Centre:

The school has a Medical Centre to attend to any emergency and a qualified medical practitioner conducts periodic medical check-up for the students.

Reprography Centre:

It is well equipped to cater to the needs of students who require photocopies.

Counselling Cell:

Emotional Quotient is considered more important than Intelligence Quotient in this modern era. A good personality can emerge only from a stress- free mind. To keep our Velammalians physically and mentally healthy, we provide them personalized counselling. Students are exposed to periodical counselling by an expert psychologist.

Smart Boards:

In order to impart standard- based and outcome-based education and to gain a hands – on experience, the school has introduced Digital Teaching through Multimedia. The class rooms are equipped with Smart Class Boards which support all sub-topics in the curriculum giving them a visual and multisensorial experience that makes learning permanent and clear.


To cater to the needs of the residents of Karur the school has provided bus transport facility. The stops are fixed for the students and they are expected to board the bus at the right time to pick them up for school in the morning. [The transport fee must be paid in full for the whole academic year in one payment.] Parents have to make necessary arrangements to handover / pick up their children at the scheduled bus stops. If and when school authorities are unable to ply buses due to unavoidable circumstances, pupils using the school buses have to make their own arrangements on such days.

Swimming Pool:

The two hygienic and large swimming pools for various age groups maintained well, increases the number of successful swimmers every day. The well qualified coach makes everything possible for all the swimmers.


The Phenomenal and modern hostel, for the boys and girls separately taken care by qualified and experienced wardens, gives “Bodhi “experience to all the inmates.