IIT Foundation & NEET:

V – ACES: (Velammal’s Academy of Competitive Examinations Study), one of our pioneering ventures in the year 2010, has made a remarkable growth till date. V – ACES is a distinct integrated programme that trains students to face competitive exams like NEET, IIT, IMO, SLSTSE, AMTI, South India Olympiad… etc., which in turn creates a conducive arena to combat today’s competitive world.

IIT Advanced & NEET:

VIITA - This integrated program for the Senior Secondary students has always been preparing them in a fundamental way. Teaching is methodological so that students do well in NEET, IIT – JEE, Boards, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads and other entrance exams.

Testing pattern of NEET, IIT - JEE keeps on changing but the key aspect of the test is to judge the analytical ability of the aspirants along with the understanding of fundamentals

Students having sound understanding of fundamental concepts and practising persistently with all types of problems will always outperform students who are only confining their preparation to the pattern rather than understanding the concepts.