School General Body

The School General Body is an organization of, by and for the students. The school activities connected to the students are carried out by this School General Body assisted by the following Councils. Each council is executed by the respective Governors and the members of the councils.

1. Philosophy & Cognition Development Council (PCDC)

The Philosophy & Cognition Development council aims at the refined ideology, spirituality and morality building in the minds of the students in the school. The following are the objectives of this council.

  1. To create a refined character through inculcating spirituality and morality in every student
  2. To make their cognition larger and their emotional quotient above the average level
  3. To create a positive mindset and a heart for reflection in life in them
  4. To make the children obedient to the parents and all elders
2. Literature & Curriculum Development Council (LCDC)

The Literature & Curriculum Development Council aims at expanding the knowledge in all walks of life. The main objectives are as follows:

  1. To enrich copious vocabulary proficiency in every student
  2. To enable the students to master the art of literature, its varied styles, the ideas, imagination, innovation and creativity involved in each field
  3. To create the student community constructive thinkers and literary critics and analyst
  4. To extend their reading beyond lessons in each class
  5. To help them relearn the art of Letter writing to the parents, relatives and friends
3. Students Resource Development Council (SRDC)

Students Resource Development Council aims at the empowerment of the students as great leaders. It creates leaders to effectively manage any kind of challenges emerging on their way. The objectives are as follows

  1. To inculcate the leadership qualities in the students community
  2. To impart team synergy in them
  3. To train the students to take up any opportunity given
  4. To teach the students that, "To be a leader is to be a servant"
  5. To make them learn the decentralization of powers and responsibilities
  6. To make them believe that each one is unique in the world
4. Science & Logic Development Council (SLDC)

The Science & Logic Development Council aims at the proliferation of every student’s innate intelligence. It invigorates the thirst in students to invent and explore the world of science which includes mathematics, science and metaphysics. The council galvanizes the following objectives

  1. To increase the intuition of observing the things scientifically in the minds of the students
  2. To enable the students learn to apply mathematics and science in their day to day life
  3. To increase the number of successful students passing in the IIT Foundation exams, Olympiads, NTSE, Velammal Science Talent Search Examinations and other kind of science and mathematics examinations conducted in the school like FA Series and SA Series
  4. To make the students knowledgeable in Vedic Maths, Magic Fingers and so on
5. Culture & Heritage Development Council (CHDC)

The Culture & Heritage Development Council aims at the development and enrichment of the Culture, Tradition, Fine Arts, Life Style, Celebrations and Functions. The prime objectives are:

  1. To organize all the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular functions and celebrations with the assistance of the other councils.
  2. To bring out the school annual magazine “Velammal Vignette” a souvenir by the students every year
  3. To organize inter school and intra school competitions in view of the glorious culture of our country, state and school
  4. To supervise the ECA & CCA classes and to maintain a perfect record for everything.
6. Sports & Games Development Council (SGDC)

The Sports & Games Development Council aims at the empowerment of the students’ caliber in Sports and Games and their physical fitness. The following are the objectives:

  1. To arrange for the Inter – School Competitions and Intra – School Competitions in Sports & Games.
  2. To arrange for registration and participation of our students in all the competitions conducted by various Associations, Clubs, District, State and Nation.
  3. To organize everyday warm up exercises & jogging in the morning and Sports and Games hour in the evening and arrange a proper schedule for the hostellers that every student enhances their sports skills
  4. To organize rallies and awareness parades in the school and in the districts on various social causes
7. Discipline & Control Development Council (DCDC)

The Discipline and Control Development Council aims at the perfect discipline and the maintenance of rules and regulations of the school to be observed by the students. The following are the main objectives of the council,

  1. To maintain complete discipline of the students
  2. To make sure that all the students are perfect in their dress code
  3. To create a 100% English atmosphere in the school and make the students converse only in English
  4. To help the other councils during the functions in maintaining 100% discipline
8. School Affairs Development Council (SADC)

The School Affairs Development Council aims at the proceedings of the school. It has the following objectives:

  1. To arrange & follow up daily prayer and assembly
  2. To assist the teacher in charge of the dormitory, in the delivery of the clothes to the dry cleaning service and in the receipt of the clothes.
  3. To see to it that all the taps/faucets in the rest rooms and bath rooms have been turned off while leaving the hostel to school or home.
  4. To arrange for the posting of prefects in all the classes every month taking the turns
9. Public Work Development Council (PWDC)

The Public Work Development Council takes up the following objectives

  1. To maintain the buildings and other constructions in the school
  2. To take care of the boards, Class Rooms, Corridors and the Auditoriums.
  3. To supervise the gardening, making the gardener treat the plants and trees properly
  4. To maintain the pathway corridors and playgrounds litter free
10. Health & Sanitation Development Council (HSDC)

The Health & Sanitation Development Council focuses on the following objectives:

  1. To make it sure that the drinking water tanks contain water always.
  2. To keep a litter free, clean and green environment in the campus.
  3. To encourage the students to plant a (tree) sapling on their birth days.
  4. To arrange for a clean-up campaign every month.
11. Information & Broadcasting Development Council (IBDC)

The information and Broadcasting Development Council aims at the following objectives

  1. To arrange for the publishing, broadcasting and telecasting the celebrations, functions and programmes taking place in our school, on the new papers and the local channels.
  2. To maintain the Audio and Video Equipments and the PA Systems in the School properly in good condition
  3. To maintain and to take care of the Computer Labs and to assist the teachers in charge in this regard
  4. To take care of the CCTV and Biometric equipments for the good functioning of the school.
1. Portfolios
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Ministers
  • Deputy Ministers
  • Secretaries
  • Join Secretaries
  • Councilors
  • Monitor
  • Assistant Monitor
2. Sharp
3. Leadership Training
Social Responsibility
  1. Awareness Camps
  2. Religious Celebrations
  3. National Celebrations
  4. Donating Orphanage & Hospice
  5. Social Services
  6. Field Trips